Let's blue it

Blue and camfortable Phillip Lim is a great seasonable accessorize. School, job, walk, whereever you go and whatever you do it perfetly matches your lifestyle!

Lim's collection were not very popular untill recently, however, his designs were called "streeet elegance", "pretty but cool clothes", and "don't try too hard"

There is always a back way or it is never late.
Happy New Year! 

It has been 16 years since Mark Jacobs crossed the threshold of Louis Vuitton.  Undoubtedly, he has made an important contribution to not only the house, but also the fashion world.
There are several interesting facts about his fashion runways and collections that I find interesting: 
His first runway show took place in 1998. 
In 2001 Marc Jacobs together with Stephen Sprouse created that popular print for bags. 
In 2002 there was another collaboration,  the result of which were extremely successful. 
Mark Jacobs invited a very popular contemporary Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. The new bag pattern was so magnificent that streets and shops were flooded with these bags. 
In 2004 Christina Ricci opened the runway show. Consequently, she became the face of Louis Vuitton brand. 
In 2009 his collection got a great recognition thanks to it accessorize in the form of bunny ears. Madonna represented that ad campaign, which was already the second round of ads for LV.
 In 2011 the main idea of the collection was the movie "The Night Porter".
At the same time the central figure of the show was Kate Moss. 
In 2012 Marc Jacobs took a part in another collaboration. This time the collaboration was with the Japanese artist Kusama.
2013 year is his last year in Louis Vuitton.
Idea: Buro24/7
pictures: Vogue.com
I have already written about this subject in the previous blog,  and now I just want to remind people how important to know the color mixing. In order to mix colorful pieces nicely one might use the color wheel. the color wheel represents the basic color rules.
There are five rules of forming new color combos:

1.  Colors next to each other (e.g. red & red-orange; blue & blue-green, etc.)
2.  Colors that form a 90 degree angels with each other (e.g. blue-violet & green; red & blue, etc.)
3.  Colors across from each other (e.g. orange & blue; Violet & yellow, etc.)
4.  Colors that form a "T" (e.g. yellow, violet, & red-orange;  yellow, blue-green, & red-orange, etc.)
5.  Colors that form a "X" (e.g. red-orange, yellow, blue-green,& violet, etc.)

In addition to these rules, there is a need to remember that such neutral colors as white, black, grey, and brown match with almost any other colors. 

We should that Isaac Newton for the color wheel. The modern color wheel is based on the original color circle, created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666-1670.

Polyvore has gotten some new facilities with IOS7 ;) 
They have added home items,  for example, art, decor, bedding, and so on. So as a result you can combine different colors not only on clothes, but also on home interior. 
However, it is strange that Polyvore has begun very popular not long ago, because it was launched 6 years ago, 2007, in the Silicon Valley. Last year over 44 million sets were shared across the web. A lot of girls and women use the app to find solutions for their clothing problems: ' How to combine this with that?!' ;)
Let you creativity and imagination work ;) 


Sun in Bergen

 The sun in Bergen is what you should definitely be happy about!  
Bergen in one of the rainiest cities in Europe. This is because the city is surrounded by mountains. 
If you have a chance to visit Bergen, you should definitely visit some of Bergen's mountains. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains, two of them (Ulriken and Fløen) have a special cabel car and funicular to get straight to the tops. The views from the mountains are spectacular! However, the most important is to catch to sun, otherwise you are on the top surrounding by fog ;)

I have recently found a very nice Internet market place, which is called Etsy.
It is a very interesting place, where you can find a lot of hand-made things, shortly, you can find everything what is possible to find in a street market ;)
This market place was founded by Rob Kalin in 2005. He, being a painter, carpenter, and photographer, wanted to find a marketplace to exhibit and sell his works on-line. As a result he has created his own Internet market, which is today one of the most known marketplaces on the Internet.  
You can find a lot of amazing hand-made cases for iPhones there. There is one girl from Arkansas, United States,  makes really cute and nice cases. There is a link Arete. I have bought one and very satisfied ;) 
In addition, she sends a sweet card with your name, it very nice of her to do so.