New outfit for iPhone ;)

I have recently found a very nice Internet market place, which is called Etsy.
It is a very interesting place, where you can find a lot of hand-made things, shortly, you can find everything what is possible to find in a street market ;)
This market place was founded by Rob Kalin in 2005. He, being a painter, carpenter, and photographer, wanted to find a marketplace to exhibit and sell his works on-line. As a result he has created his own Internet market, which is today one of the most known marketplaces on the Internet.  
You can find a lot of amazing hand-made cases for iPhones there. There is one girl from Arkansas, United States,  makes really cute and nice cases. There is a link Arete. I have bought one and very satisfied ;) 
In addition, she sends a sweet card with your name, it very nice of her to do so. 

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