Good-bye Marc Jacobs

It has been 16 years since Mark Jacobs crossed the threshold of Louis Vuitton.  Undoubtedly, he has made an important contribution to not only the house, but also the fashion world.
There are several interesting facts about his fashion runways and collections that I find interesting: 
His first runway show took place in 1998. 
In 2001 Marc Jacobs together with Stephen Sprouse created that popular print for bags. 
In 2002 there was another collaboration,  the result of which were extremely successful. 
Mark Jacobs invited a very popular contemporary Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. The new bag pattern was so magnificent that streets and shops were flooded with these bags. 
In 2004 Christina Ricci opened the runway show. Consequently, she became the face of Louis Vuitton brand. 
In 2009 his collection got a great recognition thanks to it accessorize in the form of bunny ears. Madonna represented that ad campaign, which was already the second round of ads for LV.
 In 2011 the main idea of the collection was the movie "The Night Porter".
At the same time the central figure of the show was Kate Moss. 
In 2012 Marc Jacobs took a part in another collaboration. This time the collaboration was with the Japanese artist Kusama.
2013 year is his last year in Louis Vuitton.
Idea: Buro24/7
pictures: Vogue.com


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  2. anastasia have you ever did modelling for him ?